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How To Dress Dapper in a Modern Suit

by Digerati Group on 74 Comments

Suits come in so many brands, shapes, styles, and sizes. It's hard to know what to buy unless you're always paying attention to the latest trends. Here is a guideline for dressing in style in a modern day suit.

Your pocket square should never match your tie. Ever. In fabric, or in pattern.

Your belt should be somewhat thin, and it should match your shoes to help make the look complete.

A snug but comfortable shoulder fit is the #1 most important thing when buying an off-the-rack suit.

Your lapel should be thin and match the width of your tie for a modern look.

Your collar should sit comfortably against your jacket. No gaps, please!

Choose navy or grey over black, for most occasions. Save black for executive meetings, funerals, and very formal black tie affairs.

Single or two-button peak-lapel jacket's are more modern and casual.

Your sleeve should leave about ½" of your cuff showing.

No pleats! Flat-front pants are in, and they should sit halfway down your shoe when standing.

Jackets should be about arm length if you curl up your fingers.

Stick with these tips and you can't go wrong. Remember that the details make the suit a style.

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