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How to Wear a Flower Lapel Pin

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Wearing a lapel pin has become a go-to men’s accessory when it comes to completing an outfit and showing off your personality. The style you add to your outfit is all in the details and adding a lapel pin to compliment your suit will help you add that personal touch that you’re looking for. While the lapel pin began as a symbol of affiliation to certain groups or organizations it has evolved over the years. Similarly to cuff links, lapel pins are a representation of your own style and transforms your simple black, blue, and gray suits into fresh new outfit no matter what occasion you may be wearing it for. No matter what occasion you are dressing for whether it’s a wedding, office party, or anniversary a personal touch like a lapel pin will always give your suit a fresh and clean look. Learning how to wear a flower lapel pin on a suit is simple and there are only a few steps you need to follow.

Detach the cap from the bottom of your flower lapel pin.
Note: Your flower lapel pin should always be worn on the left side of your suit’s lapel.

Place your flower lapel pin through the lapel buttonhole of your suit's lapel. If your suit does not have a button hole you can pierce the pin through the material of your suit. Luckily, the hole should not remain in the suit material once it's removed. To avoid the possibility of creating a hole in your suit you can always have a tailor sew a thread onto the back of your lapel.

How To Wear A Lapel Pin

Pierce the lapel pin through the inside of your suit lapel to secure the flower lapel pin from shifting about. We would recommend angling your lapel pin parallel to your suit’s lapel. It happens to be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye when you angle your lapel pin with the lapel of your suit.

How To Wear A Flower Lapel Pin

Fasten your flower lapel pin with the detached cap to prevent your flower lapel pin from falling out of your suit jacket. By securing it with the end cap you ensure that you don’t lose your lapel pin and it stays in place all day.
Note: As a personal choice you can also pierce your flower lapel pin through the front of the lapel and fasten it so the stick part of the lapel is showing in the front.

How To Wear A Lapel Pin Properly

For more tips on how to match your flower lapel pin to your suit and pocket square read up on “The Ultimate Men’s How-To Pair Spring Accessories Guide 2019” to learn how to pair your accessories with different colors.

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