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Style Your Spring Look with the Best Color & Pattern Pairings

by EMPIST LLC on 37 Comments
The arrival of spring means hitting refresh on your wardrobe. It’s time to put away the heavy layers of winter wear and breathe life and color back into your look. What better way to step into spring than with your favorite sport coat complete with the perfect pocket square style?

Spring brings the opportunity to sport a variety of colors both bright and muted, and one of the best ways you can add a pop of color to your style is through your accessories. Pocket squares provide the perfect amount of pop, whether it’s through the color, the pattern or both. To give you a starting point, check out five popular pairings for spring pocket square colors and patterns that you should try.

Dusted Violet Pocket Square

Violet is a more versatile color than it gets credit for, but in the right amount. Too much or too bright of the tone can look obnoxious, but a small pop of patterned purple creates a diverse and dapper look. Try it against a medium grey or navy blue sport coat.

Floral Sketches Pocket Square

This spring, think floral! An upbeat pattern combined with smoothly blended pastel color tones creates a level of sophistication you didn’t know flowers could bring. VISUALIZE this pocket square against a light grey sport coat.

Lilac Dotted Trim Pocket Square

Sometimes simple is the way to go. Patterns are a popular go-to during the spring, but a solo pop of pastel can be all your sport coat style needs. Lilac can be both a subtle and bold splash of color against a black or dark grey sport coat.

Navy Trim Pocket Square

Classic with a little color might be just what you’re looking for this spring. A simple white square exudes elegance while a little color edge provides just enough personality to make just about any color sport coat stand out.

Victorian Sea Copper Pocket Square

Who says orange is just for the fall? A warm copper hued pocket square is just as welcome in springtime. It will shine easily against a navy blue sport coat.

If you like what you see but are still not sure about these color pairings for your specific style, you can try your own! The Visualizer tool gives you a glimpse at what colors and patterns will make you look and feel your best. BONUS- this tool isn’t just for pocket square and sport coat pairing possibilities. A finished look is all in the details and a unique lapel pin can add just the right amount of debonair style to your suit or sport coat, so add a little extra!

Whatever your fashion preferences may be, a pocket square gives your style a confident and sophisticated edge. Find your best spring color and pattern pairings and step into spring fully styled.

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420 x 470px
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